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Steam-Water Heater
Jet Mixer
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Hydrocarbon Recovery System
MIXRITE, established in 1972, is a leading manufacturer of Fluid Mixing Systems such as Static Motionless Mixers, Rotary Dynamic Agitators, Jet Mixers[ Mixing Eductors ], Steam-Water Injection Mixers [ Water Heaters ].

The STATIC MIXING division of MIXRITE has substantially contributed in the field of Continuous Online Mixing to the Process Industry. This was possible due to the in-house expertise in innovative design , development , fabrication testing and inspection to meet the Quality Standards , of a wide spectrum of custom-built Mixing Equipments in different grades of materials for a variety of process applications.

The range of Mixing Equipment(s) Designed and Manufactured includes Process Performance and Mechanical Guarantee for a varied clientele : Refineries, Petrochemicals , Oil & Natural Gas , Nuclear Power Plants , Captive Power Plant, Heavy Water Plants , Water and Waste Water treatment , Research Establishments, Fertilizers , Man-made/Synthetic Fibers , Edible Oil , Food , Dyes , Paints, Pharmaceutical , Plastics , Basic Chemicals and other allied Process Industries.

Our Commitment has been UNWAVERING since the inception and our tradition of Quality and Reliability blended with an uncompromising quest for excellence has enabled us to execute a wide range of prestigious and challenging jobs. Mixrite Mixing Equipment(s) are today in operation throughout the length and breadth of India for varied process mixing applications. Three words define Mixrite's professional ethos:
M - Magnificent Quality.
M - Methodical Approach.
S- Sophisticated Technology.