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Mechanical Agitator
Static Inline Mixer
Steam-Water Heater
Jet Mixer
Hybrid Mixing System
Mixing Consultancy
Vacuum & Compressed Gas System
Hydrocarbon Recovery System
Addition of Pigments / Dyes to Viscose Liquid/Liquid Extraction
Aeration of Drinking Water Marbleizing , Creating [ Layer Effect ]
Blending Additives to Process Stream Mixing Fragile , Shear Sensitive Material
Catalytic Hydrogenation Mixing of Oils and Additives
Chemical Preparation Neutralizing Hydrocarbons
Chlorination of Hydrocarbon Nitration and Oxidation
CO2 Neutralization of Water Oil / Water Sampling / Custody Transfer
Consistency Control pH Control
Dilution of Molasses PH Sampling & Control
Direct Steam Heating Polymer & Dispersed Air Addition for Dissolved Air Flotation
Direct Steam Heating Preparation of Emulsion
Disinfecting Pulp & Board Production
Dispersion of Immiscible Liquids Reaction of NaOH with Cl2
Dissolving Ammonia in Water Saponification
Emulsion / Dispersion Scrubbing of Gases
Flash Mixer of Flocculation & Coagulation aid Stock Bleaching & Blending
Flavoring & Coloration Addition Syrup Dilution
Gas & Liquid Scrubbing Sulphonation
Inline Aeration Washing Organics with Water
Inline Gas Sparging And many more……….
Laminar Flow Heat Exchange
Adhesives Hydrocarbon & Chemical Process Industry.
Agrochemicals Lubricant
Biotechnology Mineral Processing
Brewery Natural Gas
Caustic Soda Paint & Resins
Cosmetics & Perfumes Polymer & Fiber Processing
Dairy & Aerated Products Power & Energy
Dyestuff Pulp & Paper Industry
Environmental Protection Rubber & Plastics
Fermentation Soaps & Detergents
Food & Pharmaceutical Plants Sugar
General Industry Textiles
Grain Processing Water & Waste Water Treatment
The Range of Mixng Systems from Mixrite , incorporating the latest technology, are not only in operation at renowned companies all over India, but have also been export worldwide.
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Reliance Industries Ltd. / Reliance Petroleum Ltd.
Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. Kochi Refineries Ltd.
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
Hindustan Lever Ltd. Godrej Soaps Ltd.
Brooke Bond India Ltd. Nestle India Limited
Cadburys India Ltd. Pfizer Limited
Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. Colgate Palmolive India Ltd.
Pidilite Industries Ltd. Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
Castrol India ltd. Lubrizol India Ltd.
BASF India Ltd. B.A.R.C.
Maharashtra State Electricity Board Tata Electric Company
Gujarat Electricity Board Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board
Ballarpur Industries Ltd. Tamilnadu Newsprint Ltd.
ICI India Ltd. Asian Paints Ltd.
Mixrite Mixing Equipments are approved by all the leading consulting engineering and contracting companies namely Engineers India Ltd, Jacobs H&G Pvt. Ltd, Aker Kvaerner Powergas India Pvt. Ltd, Chemtex Engineering India Pvt. Ltd, UHDE India Ltd, Lurgi India Co. Ltd, , Toyo Engineering India Ltd, Tata Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd, Daelim India, L&T Ltd.