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To produce Hot Water, which is required in process applications for both Chemical Process Industry and General Industry.
Mixrite Steam-Water Mixers have been specially designed for the above application to raise the temperature of the incoming water by direct injection of steam. Due care is taken to achieve smooth condensation to eliminate/avoid water hammering, vibrations and noise which is commonly observed in the conventional systems. The Injection System and the Mixing Elements are designed to ensure precise temperature control. This Mixer rapidly disperses the two phase to form bubbles or droplets while its radial mixing properties provide uniform shear characteristics thereby producing a very narrow bubble or droplet size distribution.
Safe , Reliable & Compact .
No Steam Wastage.
Eliminates Excessive Vibration And Noise.
Low Installation Cost
No Moving Parts And Hence No Maintenance
Allows Representative Sampling For Fine Temperature Control.
Low Pressure Drop
Available In All Sizes
Eliminates Radial Gradients
Low Installed Weight
Mixrite Steam-Water Mixer is a low cost equipment for effective steam injection heating. This mixer has no moving parts and therefore has no maintenance requirements. These mixers has have proven track record and have been in successful operation on a nation wide basis.