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Mechanical Agitator
Static Inline Mixer
Steam-Water Heater
Jet Mixer
Hybrid Mixing System
Mixing Consultancy
Vacuum & Compressed Gas System
Hydrocarbon Recovery System
As Sales & Technical Representative of Membrane Technology & Research Inc in India, we are pleased to offer the following systems :
Hydrocarbon and nitrogen recovery from vent streams in
Polypropylene production – Propylene Recovery System
Ethylene oxide (EO) and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) production- Ethylene Recovery System
Polyethylene production – Ethylene Recovery System
Fuel gas recovery
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production – VCM Recovery System
Natural Gas
Fuel gas conditioning
LPG recovery from associated gas
Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, and Hydrogen Sulfide removal
Refinery and Syngas
Hydrogen purification and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) recovery from refineries.
hydrogen separations in syngas processes, and CO2 removal from syngas
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