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Mixrite Static Inline Mixers / Motionless Mixers, have no moving parts. Utilizing the energy of the continuous flowing fluids itself, Internal Static Mixing Elements work in combination to provide the mixing action. Static Mixer provides complete, efficient and predictable residence time control for mixing of solids, liquids and gases in any combination - under laminar, transitional as well as turbulent flow conditions.
Mixrite static mixer consists of modular elements placed in pipe housing with suitable end connection at either ends, and enclosed by a thermal control jacket with inlet and outlet connections wherever sensitive heat transfer applications are involved. The mixing action in Static Mixer is governed by the geometry of internal elements , profile of the elements and their positioning, which is based on the specific process requirements. These Static Mixers can achieve varied process requirements such as Blending , Heat Exchange, emulsification, dispersion, Slurry Suspension, Flash Mixing , Mass Transfer, Gas-Liquid contacting, pH control etc.

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Mixrite Static Mixers are distinguished by its inherent ability to achieve a uniform controlled degree of shear and flow. This is quite unlike its mechanically stirred counterpart, which produces maximum shear and velocity regime surrounding the Impeller blade tip and reduced effects away from the Blade Tip. As long as the Static Mixer elements are properly designed and aligned, equal amount of energy are applied at any point along the Static Mixer
In Static Mixer , all incoming fluid streams along with their components follow a mathematical flow pattern, undergoing flow division, flow reversal and radial mixing through micro-scale turbulence within modular elements. This results in complete uniformity and homogeneity of the mixed process fluids at the outlet.
Salient Features of Jet Mixer
MMS Static Mixers are simple and compact in construction.
MMS Static Mixers offers Low Capital and Operating Cost.
MMS Static Mixers have no moving parts and hence maintenance free.
MMS Static Mixers offers High Energy Efficiency.
MMS Static Mixers are used for Continuous Process.
MMS Static Mixers offers High degree of Operational Safety.
MMS Static Mixers offers High degree of mixing per unit of expended energy.
MMS Static Mixers size can be selected to suit existing pipeline size.
Mixrite Static Mixers are available in all sizes and with different end connections namely , flanged, screwed, IDF Heads to suit the application under consideration and existing pipeline specifications.
These Static Mixers are available in various material of construction namely , 316 SS , 304 SS, CARBON STEEL, TITANIUM, MONEL, HASTEALLOY, POLYPROPYLENE, POLYTETRAFLUROETHYLENE [TEFLON], POLYVINYL CHLORIDE, FIBERGLASS REINFORCED POLYESTER, PP/FRP, HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE and other special metallurgy to suit process conditions.